Food Safety Solutions

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Ensuring the safety of its products is a constant effort of Food Industry. Detecting Pathogen in the final product, raw materials and in-process is a key part of the HACCP requirements in place in Food factories all over the world. Detecting pathogens with traditional microbiology is a long and tedious process unable to meet the need of Food customers wanting more & more fresh and ready-to-use products. Rapid Microbiological Methods have become a norm in Food Industry but they are often complex, difficult and used with expansive instrumentations.
Prestodiag wants to provide Food Industry with a new area of microbiological testing. PlasmIA technology allows to strongly cut the time needed to get a result. At the same time, our platform simplifies workload in the lab. Our main focus is to develop a new set of kits to address industry’s needs.

Industrial applications

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics production

Pharmaceutical production

To ensure safety of its products, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries require to detect any contamination of the final product, raw material and in the production environment. A perfect detection system will enable the microbiological expert to quickly detect the contaminant and identify the bacteria. At the same time, affordable solutions are needed in order to multiply the number of control points to ensure the best safety.

Prestodiag’s proprietary technology has all the capabilities to answer this type of requirement. Robustness of the detection system is ensured by a label-free technology, freeing-up the detection of any matrix interferences. PlasmIA technology detects bacteria only when they multiply, so that only viable live cells are detected. Multiplex ability leads to develop a biochip with many ligands (e.g. antibodies) ensuring identification along with detection. Our technology does not destroy the sample and bacteria grow in the wells, allowing the lab to use them for any other purpose.

Our software can be made compliant to the CFR part 11 requirements. Prestodiag is currently developing first proofs of concept of using PlasmIA technology for Pharmaceutical production microbiological testing. Contact us for more pieces of information.

Development of new antibiotics

Developing new compounds for antibiotic or antibiostatic goal has become a global need, with the quick emergence of multi-resistant bacteria. During the development of an antibiotic, a huge number of bacteriological testings are required. If traditional microbiology is used, the project can be strongly slowed down by the days engaged in waiting for microbiology growth in culture media.

Prestodiag’s technology can help the pharmaceutical industry to reduce not only development time but also time-to-result overall. With custom projects (contact us), Prestodiag is able to design the appropriate solution to meet the need of any R&D project in antibiotic development. An antibiotic activity on growing bacteria culture can be detected in less than 1 hour. The instrument and biochip kits are affordable enough for medium scale screening. Multiplex ability allows to measure the effect on a large number of species in a single experiment. Bacteriostatic and bactericide effects can also be studied.

Our analytical software report can be made compliant to the CFR Part 11 requirements.

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Veterinary diagnostics

Veterinary Diagnostics

Veterinary diagnostics is an important part of the Food Safety chain. Ensuring that farm or pets are well diagnosed for microbiological infections is the daily job of many veterinary practitioners. Prestodiag’s PlasmIA technology and platform can be easily adapted for all pathogens of interests in the veterinary world, leading to easy and rapid solutions.
Prestodiag is currently looking for partners to deploy its technology in veterinary diagnostics.


Acting fast when environmental pathogen contaminations are detected is an important requirement in many countries. When water supplies for consumption or recreative use are contaminated with Legionella, it is necessary to clean the water pipes. The use of the water supply has to stop before absence of live Legionella cells is proved. It is then of utmost importance to gain time in detecting Legionella.

Prestodiag’s technology and platform can easily be adapted for both Legionella spp and Legionella pneumophila detection. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a partnership.

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Antibiotic resistance is a major threat, according to WHO, CDC and many authorities. Prestodiag can definitely contribute to the battle against this concern.

The infectious threat is a major concern of Public Health. In Europe, more than 900 000 new patients are suffering from sepsis every year. More than 4 millions contract an hospital-acquired infection. Detecting and identifying the pathogens agents faster is a recurring need for physicians.
Moreover, rapid emergence of multi-resistant bacteria strains is a major issue. A rapid and easy diagnostic of those resisting strains is a mandatory step to better adapt the treatment to each patient. Blind antibiotics treatment is a major cause of selecting multi-resistant bacteria.

PlasmIA technology allows to detect and identify the infecting agent, and gives as antibiotic-susceptibility/resistance profile directly from any sample. This method will strongly reduce the time-to-result and increase treatment’s success rate, and limit new resistance to appear or spread.
Prestodiag will provide health professionals with a tool for rapid, easy and reliable detection of bacteria in blood. This tool will detect & identify the main bacteria in the blood in a few hours, together with a antibiotic-susceptibility testing. The 3 results will be obtained in much less than 24 hours, when today’s procedure requires 48 to 72 hours to indicate the best antibiotics to treat a patient.

Prestodiag has already started to work on those topics and has received several awards.

Research in Life Sciences


Label-free detection is a key component of many Life Science research projects, like screening an antibody library or developing a biosensor for cell biology event detection. But label-free detection systems have been developed for ultra high-specificity and sensitivity, leading to complex and expansive instruments & reagents. Many of current Life Science projects have requirements that can be tailored with simple SPR instruments and affordable reagents.

PlasmIA technology, developed and patented by Prestodiag, enable Life Science research lab to deploy a complete project on SPR detection in saving time and cost. With our custom R&D capabilities, we can develop a biochip with custom ligands and procide scale-manufacturing. Please inquire for any details.