With the patented PlasmIA™ – Plasmonic ImmunoAssay – technology, Prestodiag enables the Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging (SPRi) technology for microbiology application in all labs.


  • Label-free : bacteria are detected when biding to antibodies without addition of any label (fluorescent, enzymatic…)
  • Real-time : reading is performed continuously during bacterial growth
  • Non-destructive : bacteria are still alive and cultivable at the end of the reading
  • Multiplex : monitor up to 100 different ligands or antibody in the same test


  • Easy to use : no complex handling and no additionnal hardware
  • Quick results :  bacteria are detected as soon as it reach the system limit of detection
  • Automatedno handling at the end of enrichment, pos/neg automatic result
  • Live cells monitoring : bacteria can be recovered directly from the analysed sample
Initial state : sample is brought into contact with the PlasmoChip™
Bacteria bind to their specific ligand.
Camera detects optical modifications of the spot.
Bacteria grow, preferentially on their specific ligand.
Positive results are available (pink).
Specific ligands allow multiplex detection & identification (red).
Final state : negative results available


The PlasmoChip™ is a specific biochip, covered with a 50nm-thick gold layer and grafted with multiple spots of various ligands. The biochip is enclosed into the PrestoKit where bacteria can grow.

Consommable éclaté + plasmochip
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PlasmIA™ can be adapted for many applications.

  • Rapid & Easy Pathogen Detection : Listeria, Salmonella, MRSA, S. pneumoniae in industrial or clinical matrices
  • Quick Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing
  • Companion Diagnostics for new antibiotics
  • Rapid microbiological quantification and/or identification

Our Focus

Prestodiag focuses its efforts to offer a new horizon in Food Pathogens detection. Other applications are possible in Pharmaceutical industry, environmental testing and medical applications. We constantly look for new partners to develop our technology in new applications. Please contact us.



History of PlasmIA™

PlasmIA™ is the combination of a technology invented by Dr T. Livache, and his team at UMR5819 CEA-CNRS-UJF (Grenoble, France) – Culture, Capture, Measure – and an optical invention by T. Mercey, allowing miniaturization and mass-production of a SPRi system.
It has been successfully tested with dozens of bacterial species (Salmonella, MRSA, Listeria, E.coli, S.pneumoniae, etc.) and many types of matrices (Food, Clinical, Environmental).