MonoPresto™ Reader

MonoPresto™ readers is an optical benchtop module able to perform Prestodiag assays using the PlasmIA™ technology. The MonoPresto handles the light generation and image capture in order to detect the presence of bacteria in the Prestokit (see PlasmIA™). The device is thermally controlled for the specific temperature of the assay.
User can combine several modules to perform as many tests-per-day as needed. Each module is fully calibrated and independent and requires only a 3-step protocol.
The custom-made Prestodiag software performs the fully-automated analysis and interpretation. At the end of the procedure, a report containing all the information is generated.

Main features of the MonoPresto™ are:

  • Robustness: with no movable part, maintenance and qualification are minimal
  • Compactness: fit to any lab bench, easy to use
  • Flexibility: perform batch or single testing

Monopresto readers are available worldwide and currently used for Food Pathogen detection. Do not hesitate to ask us for any details

MonoPresto optical reader pathogen detection
Dimension 38x25x13 cm
15x10x5 inch
Weight 4.2kg – 9.26lbs
Physical phenomenon Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging (SPRi)
Up to 400 analyses monitored simultaneously
Electrical requirements Voltage: 100-240 VAC
5/18V – 0.5/3.3A
Manufacturing Manufactured in France
Warranty : 2 years