SalmoPresto RT250

Detection during enrichment

SalmoPresto RT  is a Salmonella detection kit based on Prestodiag’s innovative pathogen real-time detection plateform. This sytem enables the detection of pathogen bacteria directly in a blending bag, during incubation, with no handling aften initial sample weighting and dilution. It can give a result the day of the sampling with a minimal handling and automated result sent to quality manager.

Workflow & Specifications

Technology & Instrument PlasmIA technology on MonoPresto reader
Enrichment time & Media Supplemented BPW incubated 8-16h depending on protocole.
Preparation time No Preparation
Detection level 1CFU per sample
Performance State-of-the-art inclusivity of Salmonella spp.

SalmoPresto RT250 consists mainly of a proprietary enrichment bag, adapted to connect to the 6-wells kit and be analyzed on MonoPresto reader. Once the sample is weighted, the user adds enrichment media and inserts the bag into the blender. The bag is then connected to a specific RT250 kit and put into the MonoPresto reader, set up in an incubator. A computer beside the incubator will analyse the signal and gives the user a definitive presence / absence answer.


Ultra Rapid

Detection of Salmonella spp. in a few hours
No handling time
Continuous detection during growth

Super Easy

Enrichment bag placed directly on the instrument
No pipetting, no heating, no hands-on-time
Automatic results


Detection with multiple antibodies
Sensitivity down to 1CFU per sample.



SalmoPresto PE

Proto PE

The easiest way to a 24-hour result

Prestodiag has developed SalmoPresto PE in order to obtain a 24 hours result with a 1 pipetting step protocol, for easy and rapid detection of Salmonella.

The main component of SalmoPresto PE is our 6-wells kit: the PrestoKit. This consumable contains the PlasmoChip™, a specific biochip. The 6 wells of 1.5mL each allow a perfect access of the microbiological broth to the surface of the PlasmoChip™.

The Prestokit has been designed to ensure ease of use with clear written numbers, security to avoid any mixing during pipetting and security for absence of cross-well contamination risk.




Next Day detection of Salmonella spp.
Continuous detection during growth
Reduced handling time


One single enrichment needed (16-20h).
Only one pipetting step per sample
Automatic results.


Label-free detection: no matrix effect
Detection with multiple antibodies
Sensitive down to 1 cfu per sample.

Coming soon…

Prestodiag develops several kits for the detection of other bacteria of interest such as Listeria monocytogenes or Shiga-Toxin Escherichia coli.