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Our SalmoPresto PE received the AFNOR certification and ISO 13485

We are proud to announce that the NF VALIDATION Technical Board (Application to agribusiness) approved by vote the validation (according to EN ISO 16140-2:2016 protocol) of the  SalmoPresto PE method (Prestodiag) for the detection of Salmonella spp. in egg products.

Moreover the company has received the extension of its ISO 9001 and 13485 certificates on July 5th 2017.

Prestodiag attended the IAFP in Tampa, Florida from July 9th to 11th

Prestodiag had a booth at the IAFP 2017 in Tampa, Florida from July 9th to 11th. People who visited us were able to learn more about our innovative technology with some real demonstrations. We also created a virtual reality activity to let them execute the SalmoPresto RT protocol by themselves.

Photonics for Health 18-22 June 2017 – Italy

We will be presenting at Photonics for Health 18-22 June 2017 – Italy.

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Come visit us at IAFP’s 2017 annual meeting in Tampa, Florida ! Booth #328

Prestodiag will be at IAFP’s annual meeting in Tampa, Florida from July 9th to July 12th 2017.

Come visit us at booth #18 at IAFP’s European Symposium – Brussels 2017

Prestodiag will unveil its latest developments at Brussels IAFP’s European Symposium in Brussels. Come and see our SalmoPresto PE latest results and ou Real-Time in-situ Pathogen Detection Method !

MRAMA : XIV Worhshop for Rapid Methods and automation in Food Microbiology, from the 24 to 27 of november 2015 – Barcelona (Spain)

This event aims to disclose the latest knowledge on innovations for the detection , isolation and identification of micro-organisms and their coproducts in food and water. On this occasion Prestodiag will present and will demonstrate its PlamIATM technology. This will be an opportunity to show its ease of use and its relevance for food safety management and cost savings in industries.

French National Meeting of Public Laboratories, 18 and 19 of november 2015 – Saint Malo (France)

This meeting is the largest event gathering french veterinaries specialized in analysis, inspection, management of environment and public health. Prestodiag will have a booth and will present its innovative solution SalmoPrestoRT250 to the audience. It will be a great opportunity to collect their feedback regarding the benefits of this technology for food safety improvemente and cost savings that can be expected.

Prestodiag Laureate of Trophée de l’Intelligence Alimentaire

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Prestodiag has been awarded by Agroparc Technopole d’Avignon on the 13 of October 2015, receiving “le Trophée de l’Intelligence Alimentaire” in the Food Safety category. This price, disclosed on the occasion of Secur’Food business convention, aims to highlight innovative projects. This year, Prestodiag’s immuno-optical solution for pathogens rapid detection convinced the jury of Experts.

Secur’Food, October 13th and 14th – Avignon (France)

SecurFood Logo1


This business convention is an opportunity for Prestodiag to present its new innovative solutions for pathogen detection, SalmoPresto RT250 (to detect Salmonella within 6 to 16 hours in primary culture broth). Benefits of this new technology for each food segment will be shared during meetings with various key industry players. Prestodiag has also been selected to participate to the Trophée de l’Intelligence Alimentaire, which aims at rewarding innovative products and inventors in the field of food safety.

Jean-François Jochim – Chief Business Officer

Jean-François JOCHIM

Jean-François joined Prestodiag in 2015, bringing his international experience and his dynamism to the current management team. He is the link between users (industries, veterinary, service laboratories, etc.) and Prestodiag’s innovative solutions. Engineer in Biology with an international experience of 17 years in the food testing area, he gained expertise working at AES Laboratoire and Bio-Rad. Since 1999, he has been proactive in the launch and democratisation of new analytical solutions such as Real-Time PCR technology.

Jean-François holds a MSc degree from Ecole de Biologie Industrielle – Institut Polytechnique Saint-Louis (France).