Bernard Barlet, Business Consultant

Bernard was an Associate Professor at the Montpellier Faculty of Pharmacy and has held various management positions in several private laboratories (Carso, Silliker). He is a recognized Expert in the development of Food Safety Products and an Expert at the Lyon Court of Appels.

Jean Marc Bilheude, Scientific Consultant

Jean Marc is an expert in the development of innovative and sensitive multiplex assay devices to detect various types of viruses or parasites. He has collaborated with research centers and external partners to develop large-scale screening immunoassays. He is the author of publications and patents applications in the field of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs).

Abdelkader Boubetra, Scientific Consultant

Abdelkader has held various management positions at the private testing laboratory, ISHA, before joining Gimopharm as General Manager.

Today, he is leading BIPEA a recognized Provider of Proficiency Testing Programs. Abdelkader is an Expert at the Court of Appeals in Paris and the IAEA. He is also Vice President of the AFNOR Certification Technical Bureau for the Microbiology of Water.

Michel Place, Scientific Consultant

Michel has spent most of his career in the Milk Industry ending it as Quality Director of the 3A Group. Michel is an expert in food safety at the International Dairy Federation and President of LIP, a laboratory supplying ferments to the milk industry.