At Prestodiag, we want to change the world of microbiology with the Next Generation Pathogen Detection Solutions. Although the last years have seen significant progress in the way pathogen detection is being made, we believe there is still room for improvement that will bring significant business value.  We want to provide the global microbiology world with the Next Generation Pathogen Detection Solution that will provide in shift results and therefore changing the way Food Processing Plants are operating.


What we do

Prestodiag develops, manufactures and markets a platform aimed at reducing the time & effort to detect microbiological pathogens. Our core skills are the union of several scientific fields – Optical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Food Microbiology, Software Engineering – to translate the patented PlasmIA technology into an easy solution.


Our approach is to develop solutions for Food Pathogen detection directly inside the Food Processing Plants. Today, Plant Managers have the choice between long traditional method based on culture media or complex & tedious rapid methods. Prestodiag’s aim is to offer an easy and in-shift pathogen detection systems to the Plant Manager so he can reduce holding inventory and increase the shelf life of the final product.



The project started in December 2010, following years of research of Thierry Livache’s team, at the CREAB lab (CEA/INAC) in Grenoble, France. Thierry and his colleagues developed a process for monitoring bacteria growth, thanks to an optical label-free method. Thibaut Mercey invented and patented an optical technology that allows miniaturisation and mass-production of a SPRi system, perfectly suited for bacteria study.

Thierry and Thibaut had already co-founded a MedTech start-up company (GenOptics, sold to Horiba Jobin Yvon in 2009) and enjoyed working together., They were joined by a talented microbiologist, Felix Piat, to incorporate Prestodiag SAS in March 2012.

Prestodiag kept expanding while new talented members were hired: specialists in optical engineering, software, mechanical engineering joined the team to develop the perfect detection system. Seasoned microbiologists were also recruited in order to develop the right protocol for pathogen detection, as well as software specialists to develop a complete suite of automated analysis. Quality assurance specialists and Production managers joined in 2014 to set up kits and instruments’ production according to the most demanding Quality Assurance references, and of course administrative and marketing functions.

Now Prestodiag shows all the skills, dedication and passion to make its dream come true: changing the world of microbiology with the Next Generation Pathogen Detection Solutions.